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Tarpoon Diving Center

Let Tarpoon Lagoon Diving Center be your one-stop solution. We have an in-store classroom, an on-site pool, and are just a few yards from the dive boat's dock.

When you complete our class you will receive an internationally recognized SCUBA "certification card." Reputable dive shops require this proof of certification before they will allow you to dive.

The basic level of certification is called "Open Water". Many divers choose to continue their education and receive "Advanced Open Water" certification and can choose from many specialty and advanced certifications

We offer PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) SCUBA certifications. These are the most widely recognized and respected diving certifications in the world. Within a few days, you can be diving the wrecks and reefs of Miami Beach and the Florida Keys. If it's more convenient for you, you can even get your class time in online, and then come to us for your dives.

If you don't live on South Florida, you can get your PADI classroom training online, and then visit us for the pool/open-water portion of your course.

PADI e-Learning

If you don't get along with on-line course, no problem! You can take the classroom portion at your local dive shop, and the come to Miami Beach for your open-water dives. If you don't already have a local dive center, give us a call, and we'll recommend one for you.

Not sure if SCUBA is for you? Take our one-day Discover SCUBA Diving program and experience SCUBA diving on the Miami Beach coral reefs in only one day. This Resort Diving mini-program can even be used as credit towards your Open Water certification.



Tarpoon Lagoon Diving Center offers an exciting array of courses to enhance and improve your diving experiences.

We offer many Beginner, Intermediate/Advanced, and Specialty courses to make you the diver that you want to be.

We even offer a refresher course for certified divers who may have let their feet get a bit too dry.