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Tarpoon Diving Center

Most of our trips are scheduled as 2 location dives. Each dive site is different and unique in it's own way. View our online calendar to see our upcoming trips. For the most part we stick to our schedule. Occasionally, we may need to change locations (but not depth) due to current weather and/or site conditions.

We have scheduled trips every day except Mondays. We will be happy to accommodate your needs and schedule special or private trips for you.

Check out our calendar of upcoming trips and events.

At Tarpoon we welcome divers of all experience levels. We ask that you bring your certification card and or log book when checking in. A small fee will be charged for diver verifications.

Snorkeling in Miami is available and done on the same boat with our divers. These trips will do the shallower end of our coral reefs allowing snorkelers full enjoyment of our reefs.

H2O Temps

Generally our water temp is quite comfortable allowing us to dive in the summer with at most a lycra skin suit. In winter months you may want either a 3-5 mm wetsuit. You can always call for a recommendation at time of booking your trip.


It's just a 30 minute boat ride from our shop to our coral reefs. There are many to coral reefs to choose from, sitting in approximately 30 feet of ocean, they are a beautiful dive for both new or experienced divers. Miami reefs are alive with many species of hard and soft corals providing a healthy environment to support the many fishes you will see. You can expect to see many species of tropical fishes, schools of yellow tail snappers, grunts, parrot fish, southern stingrays, spotted eagle rays, green and spotted eels and an occasional nurse shark catching a nap in a hole. Bottom time on these dives is generally 45-60 minutes, ample time to fully enjoy the reef.


Miami, known as the "Wreck Capital of the Americas" has several different artificial wrecks that we frequent. Starting in about 45 feet and dipping into the 150 foot depths, our wrecks include tugs, barges, freighters, oil platforms, even army tanks. Newly rediscovered is the 747 Spirit of Miami plane sunk in tact, torn up by a hurricane which relocated it on the ocean floor in now 115 feet of water.

One of our most famous wrecks is the 'Tortuga'. She sits in 115 feet and was actually sunk for the making of the movie Fair Game starring Cindy Crawford.

Famous and very meaningful to us is the Tarpoon wreck sunk in 1989 in memorial to our founder and father Mike Kevorkian. It is a favorite spearfishing sight and and is in 70 feet.

Our newest wreck the Ophilia Brian was sunk in December 2009 in honor of Ophilia's 16th birthday and has become quite popular as new growth is forming quickly. This dive is for divers holding an advanced certification.

A favorite dive is the Neptune Memorial Reef site in 45 feet. A recreation of the lost city of Atlantis, this site is teeming with an abundance of fish. A guarantee for spotting many species of marine life,